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Aid 4 Rojo, a charity set up to fund the housing, care and education of young children orphaned by AIDS/HIV in Rojo Rojo, Kilifi, Coastal Province, Kenya.

Background in 2009 Community Leader and aids awareness campaigner Joseph Ndaa approached Sarah Acland and her husband Richard, (at the time on a UNHCR posting to Kenya), requesting assistance in building a community orphanage for the children in his village of Rojo Rojo orphaned by HIV/AIDS. They agreed to help on the basis that it be kept small enough to ensure its viability.  Aid4Rojo was set up as the fundraising charity to support the Rojo Rojo orphanage. Fundraising began in the UK, building work commenced and in April 2011 the Rojo Rojo orphanage was opened

There are currently 14 children aged between six and sixteen, 7 boys and 7 girls.  There are no plans to increase the numbers. These bereaved children were living as unwelcome poor relations, often in sheds expected to work long hard hours and received no schooling. Orphans living in the poorer interior rural communities along Kenya's east coast are hopelessly overlooked and desperately need help.

JOSEPH It is with great sadness we have to report the tragic death of Joseph earlier this year, 2018,  from cancer of the oesophagus. His memory and legacy lives on.


Achievements and Plans

Thanks to the tireless work of Joseph's wife Furaha, son Teddy and daughter Maua these children are thriving in their new home.  The youngest are enrolled at an excellent local primary school, Golden Chariots Primary where all subjects are taught in English. Joseph's aim was always for the orphanage to become self-sufficient.  At present Aid 4 Rojo funds their food budget, school fees and day to day expenses.  World grain prices have had a big impact on communities such as Rojo Rojo so our British fundraising is under pressure.  A borehole has been drilled and a fish pond excavated enabling a good source of food and sustainable income.  There are plans for dairy cows and a kiosk selling fish and vegetables once the first crop irrigated by the new borehole is harvested.  


Aid 4 Rojo is currently raising funds by selling Kenyan crafts in the UK, volunteers organising events and by trying to encourage regular sponsorship of school fees, food and medical costs.


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