Sewing Machine


Since the introduction of a sewing machine last year, Maua quickly learnt how to use it and can now mend and make clothes for the children and helpers at the orphanage.


The Grace Vaccination Programme​

£26 will fully vaccinate one child

On Thursday 27 September 2018, Grace, aged 12, tragically died following a short illness. Although local health authorities were reluctant to verify we believe it may have been Hepatitis.  For this reason we have immediately launched an appeal to fund a vaccintation programme to protect the other orphanage children and if funding permits the children in their school.  




We hope to provide each child with his or her own goat to help them learn how to run a simple business.



Irrigation and harvest

​With a steadily growing network of irrigation pipes from the borehole to the shamba food production is on the increase. For the first time the orphanage has managed to produce enough food to cover all their needs for at least the next two months with no assistance from Aid 4 Rojo. An important milestone.


Perimeter Wall

Progress on the wall has been good thanks to some very generous support but we need to raise the final amount of £2000 to complete the circumference. 


Poultry unit and beekeeping


Ducks and chickens would provide a regular supply of meat and eggs for the orphanage and some beehives would provide honey to sell.

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Registered Charity No. 1182107

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